Wisconsin Movers Association Code of Ethics

In the belief that our industry deserves our combined best efforts to advance, in order to better serve the general public, we are pledged to the concept that to do so must be within the framework of high principles of conduct. As participating members of the Wisconsin Movers Association, Inc., we therefore embrace this code:

Code of Ethics

  • To encourage and develop the highest levels of service quality.
  • To promote the lawful best interests of our industry, association and profession.
  • To adhere to all Federal and State rules and regulations as they relate to our industry and business operations.
  • To observe all laws relating to operations and employee safety.
  • To operate as responsible employers and to encourage our employees to behave honorably and responsibly as they represent our industry and our firms.
  • To participate in advertising that only portrays our services in an honest and fair manner.
  • To cooperate in the lawful review of any person in our industry alleged to be engaged in improper practices.
  • To explain carrier limits of liability as required by law.
  • To provide the Association with reasonable assistance in its review of consumer issues.
  • To foster continued education and training within our industry.
  • To deal with our colleagues, suppliers and trade associates, in only the most honorable terms and to encourage their adherence to this Code of Ethics.