Wisconsin Movers Association

The Wisconsin Movers Association, Inc. (WMAI) was established in 1944 as a non-profit trade association to represent the interests of the household goods movers operating within and through the Sate of Wisconsin. WMAI affiliated with the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association in 1985 to strengthen their ability to advocate for household good movers as well as those matters important to all members of the motor carrier industry.

The goals of WMAI are to promote the public trust in the moving industry; educate its members relative to regulatory compliance and better business practices; and to promote and insure a viable business climate for the industry in Wisconsin.

WMAI provides representation for its members by closely monitoring activities of State and Federal legislatures as well as the agencies at both the State and Federal levels on transportation and general business issues that may impact on the industry.

The following is a list of membership services:

  • Government Representation
  • Seminars
  • Safety Programs
  • Technical Assistance